STRONG Chick Bling Chicks Cuff Bracelet

You are one STRONG Chick.  Empower strong women in your life with these hand stamped cuff bracelets.  Handmade in our studio, each of these cuffs are hand made!  Our "Strong Chick" cuff bracelet features our signature chick stamp and a tiny heart.  We are made up of lots of great stuff.  This cuff celebrates the woman who show their strength.

Note from the Chicks:

Due to the nature of custom hand stamped metal jewelry, your finished piece will look similar but not identical to the examples pictured. Stamping may not be perfectly aligned or spaced - this is a result of crafting by a person, not a machine, and should not be considered an imperfection. Rather, it adds unique character to your one-of-a-kind keepsake!

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