Linked in Pinks—Woven Ankle Bracelet with LIPS Logo and Silver Lip Charm #2

Designed exclusively for purchase by members of the Linked in Pinks Dragon Boat Team

Black woven thread accented with pink beads, this ankle bracelet features a LIPS logo and silver lip charm. 

Select your perfect size! This ankle bracelet is available in the following sizes:

7 3/4" - with a 2" extension &  9 3/4" - with a 2" extension  



Bling Chicks  offers anklets and beaded anklets in 7-3/4" & 9-3/4" inches in length with 2 inch extensions. First you will need to determine if you want to wear your anklet above or below your ankle bone. 

If you are wearing flip flops you can wear your anklets below the bone. If you are wearing rowing shoes or sandals that have straps below your bone, your beaded anklets will need to be above the bone.

Anklet - Ankle Bracelets Above the Bone:

Measure with a non-stretchy string or flex tape above your ankle bone and add ¼". For example; if your ankle measures 8", you will need a 8¼ - 8¾" anklet. This will allow room to loosen or tighten the beaded anklet to fit just right.

Anklet - Ankle Bracelets Below the Bone:

Measure with a non-stretchy string or flex tape below your ankle bone and add ¼ to ½" depending on how loose you want your anklet. For example, if your ankle measures 9", you will need a 9¼ - 9¾" anklet.


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