Linked in Pinks—Linked in Pinks Cuff Bracelet #1

Designed exclusively for purchase by members of the Linked in Pinks Dragon Boat team

Made of hypoallergenic light weight metal, these are stack-able cuff bracelets are a perfect way to support your team. Get another bracelet with your favorite verbiage.

1/4" wide in three sizes, cuff fits

  1. Small/Medium - 6.5-7” circumference   
  2. Medium/Large - 7-7.5" circumference                  
  3.  Large/XL - 7.5-8” circumference                                 

They are adjustable to fit around the wrist.

*Add some extra arm candy - layer the cuff bracelet with the bangle charm bracelet for a fun look!


Measuring your wrist for this cuff bracelet.

A Cuff Bracelet is designed to be worn just below the wrist bone. Using a flexible tape measure wrap it completely around your wrist in a comfortable, not tight, fashion where the bracelet is to be worn. The reading on the tape should indicate the bracelet size. If you measure straight to the skin, adding 1/4 inch should give you a comfy fit.


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